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Danielle Elsener



Settlemiers x DECODE

Reinagining the future of sustainable american manufacturing using Zero Waste Design methods, resulting in a product that is a true Settlemiers Varsity Jacket and Truly Zero Waste.

Settlemier, an iconic American heritage brad, and DECODE, one of todays most up and coming Zero Waste brands, have teamed up to bring you the Zero Waste Varsity Jacket

This Zero Waste Jacket was engineered to use 100% of material during the creation of the garment. It is constructed with the rawest materials we could find, making it Settlemiers most sustainable jacket to date. 

        Waste: 0%

        Body: 30” x 82”

        Rib: 60”        

        Shell: 100% Natural Virgin Melton Wool

        Lining: 100% Recycled Polyester

        Thread: Coats EcoRegen        

        Trims: 100% Brass

        Location: Portland, OR, USA, Planet Earth

        Made by: Humans



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