Building Positive Space

Danielle Elsener




DECODE is a complete Zero Waste Design System that solves industry problems through practical design, education and production. We take a creative approach to navigating our multifaceted industry and thrive on solving complex problems through hands-on learning, workshops, and innovative play. DECODE exists to aid in the complex transition from existing design models to be one of efficiency, adaptability, and completely free of waste.

About Danielle

Danielle Elsener is a Zero Waste System Designer, Educator, Industry Consultant, and Creative Strategist specialising in research and development surrounding the future of sustainability in the fashion industry. For over a decade, Danielle has worked with industry, educational institutions, and entrepreneurial ventures as a consultant and educator to shift the reality of sustainability in fashion. What began as a love for puzzle solving through Zero Waste Pattern Making became a way to fix the fashion industry’s biggest problem. This approach has caught the eye of industry leaders, from Virgil Abloh to Jony Ives. Her design system has won the Evian Activate Movement Grant and iDesign Covid Grant and has recently received accolades in the Smithsonian, Wallpaper Mag, Dezeen, Hypebeast, and Oregon Business Mag.

Elsener is currently consulting with global fashion brands, co-running Zero Waste Design Collective, and teaching at Fashion Institute of Technology on the MFA programs Pattern Recognition course, educating the next generation of designers on innovative patterning methodology and 3D design. 



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