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The perfectly engineered Zero Waste Tee. 

Over the last decade+ we have relentlessly engineered the perfect tee, using every inch of fabric, making sure absolutely nothing is wasted. This doesn't mean that we add little bits or bobs onto the tee to make sure it isn't wasted, we engineered the pattern pieces to nest together perfectly.

Every inch of fabric was used in the creation of this garment, with absolutely nothing wasted. (Typically 15-25% of material is wasted when a pattern is cut out of fabric.)

Our 300 GSM  jersey material is 50% organic cotton and 50% recycled cotton. We use that specific blend of fibers to ensure the yarn is long and strong enough to hold up to years of wear, while using the best materials we could find. 

Our classic relaxed fit is unisex with a bound rib neckline, and back neck fabric for extra reinforcement. It is pre-shrunk and ready to wear.

Our tee contains 0 plastics, 0 synthetics and is 100% biodegradable, even down to our thread and labeling. You can even compost it in your backyard at the end of its long life! 

Our manufacturing process uses 95% less water and produces 45% fewer  greenhouse emissions than conventional cotton. 

Join us in creating the sustainable future we want to see!



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