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Danielle Elsener




DECODE x Soorty Denim

The original Tuta was designed by Thayaht in Italy in 1919. It was developed as a utopian garment for all people, for all situations, affordable, easy to sew and cut with minimal fabric wastage. Its simplicity and versatility were in contrast to the haute couture of the day, highlighting a social and political significance. It also aimed to uplift people, offering an alternative to the limited color palettes in the market.

Thayaht published the pattern with its cutting and sewing instructions in the Florentine newspaper La Nazione, proclaiming it as 'the most innovative, futuristic garment ever produced in the history of Italian fashion.

Building upon the visionary legacy of Thayaht's jumpsuit,the Twota by DECODE emerges as a contemporary reinterpretation rooted in innovation and sustainability. We flipped the script and designed a Zero Waste jumpsuit cut on the bias for ultimate fit and function. Over a century since its inception, the spirit of the timeless jumpsuit lives on, now re-imagined for the modern world.

Thayaht revolutionized the fashion landscape with his design, inspired by the winds of change sweeping across post-war Europe. Born out of necessity and creativity, the jumpsuit transcended elitist fashion norms, embracing simplicity and accessibility for all.

Today, as we embark on the journey of the Twota, we honor  Thayaht's pioneering vision while embracing the ethos of circularity, open source access, and of course Zero Waste. 

This pattern is free to use. Share it, make it, change it, wear it.

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Available in DXF format via .zprj files for Clo3D and PDF for printing.



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